Meeting room, special event, overnight and equipment rates

We offer affordable rates for meeting room day use, special events, and overnight accommodation and meal packages.

Meeting room day use

roommax capacityhourly rate*day use rate*deposit
Rehearsal Hall74$72$432$350
Theatre Lobby134$72$432$350
Knutzen Family Theatre234$240$1440$350
Theatre Complex $402$2450$350

*Three hour minimum rental
**Day use rate is for 9 hours

Overnight rooms*

Overnight Guest Rooms$79.00 per person/per night
Suite$180.00 per night

*Minimum of 12 overnight guests required

Special events

Our beautiful grounds and stunning views make Dumas Bay a perfect setting for weddings, parties or other special events. Our rental times are flexible, but all events must be completed by 11pm.

All rental rates are subject to change without prior notice. All costs are subject to Washington State sales tax.

Base Rate (six hour block)*additional hourly ratedeposit

*Reserves usage of Eagleview room

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